Review: Here Be Sexist Vampires by Suzanne Wright

Rating: 4.5stars

Type: Paranormal

Series: Deep in Your Veins

Number of Pages: 279

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Sam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army. She finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but it has never included a Sventé vampire; a breed that is regarded by the super strong Pagori breed and the hypnotically beautiful Keja breed to be too tame and human-like. Most refuse to take her seriously, especially a Pagori commander named Jared who she craves in spite of herself.

The Grand High Master, however, sees her potential and offers her the position of Jared’s co-commander to help train the newest squad in time for the impending attack on his home. Sam has to demonstrate to Jared and the squad of chauvinists why it is incredibly foolish to underestimate a wilful, temperamental, borderline-homicidal Sventé female.


My Review


Yes, a million times yes! I loved it! I was not expecting to like the book as much as I did (especially after how much of a let down the last one was), but oh my god yes. XD I pretty much devoured it in one sitting and I can’t wait to read the next one. I don’t know what made me so hesitant to start it… I think it was because I didn’t like the cover so I kept putting it off 😛 I’m generally not such a big fan of vampire-only books, but as far as I’m concerned, these vampires were pretty much witches (only better).


Note: This book is New Adult/Adult so it contains explicit content

There are three breeds of vampires: Pagori, Keja and Sventé. Upon becoming a vampire they receive “gifts“, and naturally some are much more powerful than others. Kind of like vampire-witches. Humans were hardly mentioned as the whole book was set on a caribbean island/command centre called The Hollows, but I actually liked that. I enjoyed the story being told by jumping from Sam’s to Jared’s point of view throughout the book – it worked really well.

What? Who? Oh you mean that cross between a whippet and a witch. Personally, I don't know how he can shag something that looks like it's just escaped from Azkaban.

Sam was absolutely fantastic, she’s the first female protagonist that I actually really, really liked (other than Celaena). Everything she did, and the way she behaved was spot on. What can I say? She’s a straight up badass. 😎 There wasn’t a time where I rolled my eyes once.


And of course there’s Jared. 😛 Despite how much I dislike that name (I don’t know why, I just don’t like it), he was freaking perfect. Oh so freaking perfect. He ticked every box for the perfect book-boyfriend (don’t judge me).


She shrugged, smiling sweetly. "Just making you work for it a little."
"A little?"
"I took it easy on you."
"You were like Houdini."

I had so many moments where I almost laughed out loud whilst reading and the chemistry between Sam and Jared was soooo good. Their “scene” was out of this world amazing. 🙄

And I mean…


"You'll have to catch me first."
And then the insane bitch turned back into Houdini.

I liked almost all of the characters, and gosh, what else can I say?


Do I use too many gifs? Probably. Can I stop? No siree! 😈

Now excuse me whilst I go and devour the second book…


12 thoughts on “Review: Here Be Sexist Vampires by Suzanne Wright

  1. Hahahaha hilarious! I’m definitely going to add this my my reading list, I’ve only just joined the “blogosphere” so I’m still getting acquainted with stuff and setting up my blog. I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing! =D

    • Welcome to blogging! I hope that you’re enjoying it so far! 😀 I’m pretty new to it myself! This was a great book, if you loved Fighting Destiny you’ll love this too! XD

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