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I know, I know… I just need to talk about it, I really do. I love them. They’re awesome.
There, I’ve said it! Now queue angry-love-triangle-haters with pitchforks. 🙄

calm down

What made me write about this today? Well, I’ll freaking tell you – I’ve been looking around for good paranormal/fantasy adult or new adult (I’m up to my eyeballs in YA) love triangle standalone’s or series and I can’t freaking find anything! I’ve been searching for hours and just when I think I’ve found a decent one I decide it’s not good enough. 😥 Maybe I’m being too picky because I’ve just finished reading the Fae Chronicles and feel like I need the next one to be equally awesome or I just can’t. I won’t. XD


I’ve read on so many other blogs about people disliking love triangles so much… I mean, I do kind of understand why (kind of). But then I really don’t. Come on, a girl being lusted after by two guys? All that sexual tension and giddiness of deciding who you want her to end up with? How can you say no? HOW? Or is it just me…?


Don’t get me wrong, I also love books without love triangles – but I’d choose a love triangle book over one without any day – hands down. 😛 I know, they can go very wrong and characters can turn transparent, or the endings are similar and sure, it’s hard to find a good one… But when it’s done right, it’s flipping freaking fantastic.

Here are the ones I’ve reviewed with love triangles (in order of preference) and they are all YA. I’m going back on my witch hunt for Adult/New Adult paranormal love triangles now, any suggestions would be more than welcome! ^^’

Throne of Glass courting darkness clockworkprincess matched


21 thoughts on “Thoughts & Discussions: Love Triangles

  1. This was interesting. I, personally, find it hard to find good love triangle books. When executed properly, they can be fantastic. Like in The Infernal Devices. That was a beautiful love triangle. XD I’m not too sure how I feel about the Matched love triangle, and I still have to read Throne of Glass. :O

    • Oh my gosh, Throne of Glass is one of my all time favourites (if not THE) – and not just because of the love triangle, that was just the cherry on top of the cake! The rest of it was amazing! 😀 I did not like the Matched love triangle either, when I finished the series just thought *oooookay*… The Infernal Devices was a perfect love triangle, but I agree – good ones are so hard to find! XD My search continues… ^^’

  2. I kind of feel like books with love triangles are my guilty pleasure… Like you said, a lot of people seem to really dislike them, and sometimes they’re just one girl in love not really wanting to let down the other guy, but, you know, they can occasionally be awesome! (As demonstrated in Throne of Glass, which a really, really good example of how it should be done.) 😀

    • I know, they really can be so awesome. It’s just so hard to find good ones! Yesss, Throne of Glass!!! I LOVE that book. I’m more with Chaol but at the same time… Dorian… XD

  3. I’m one of those pitchfork people, I’m afraid lol! I just can’t be dealing with love triangles!

    I’d actually argue that Throne of Glass isn’t one, since she finishes with person X before she starts seeing person Y and the decision seems pretty cemented in the other books.

    • Awww, haha I know a lot of people generally don’t like them – but what can I say, I’m a sucker XD

      I know what you mean about Throne of Glass, but I think for me it’s still a love triangle because I’m not sure if she’ll end up with [him] or not. I’m so excited to read Reign of Fire and see what will happen next, both books so far were amazing! 🙂

  4. *whispers* I really like love triangles too. 😉
    Throne of Glass is probably the best series I’ve ever read with a love triangle because I love both of them so much and I really have no idea who end game will be because theories and GAH. It’s so hard, haha. I love romance so having that doubled when a love triangle is involved is just all the more fun 😉

    • Hahaha yesss a fellow love triangle lover! 😀
      I know! I have no idea who she’ll end up with, and I’m now not sure who I want her to end up with! XD I love that series!
      Have you read Heir of Fire yet? I saw there was a review on your blog by Bec, but not by you so was wondering what you thought of it!? :O

      • No, I haven’t :c I started to but then I got distracted when I went back to school. I’m going to get to it soon though, Bec really liked it!

      • I start uni soon too, it’s going to eat up all my reading time 😦 When you’ve had a chance to read it, you have to let me know what you think! 😀

  5. Awesome post, Anna! Okay, well, I’m on the so-so side when it comes to love triangles. Like, I can love them and I can hate them, depending on the situation. If the heroine’s really awesome and I can understand why the guys go after her, then I’d be a happy camper! But if maybe she’s annoying or something, I wouldn’t get why the guys are pining after her. OH, and I just about hate it when I end up picking the wrong guy…. T___T I’m almost always rooting for the underdog. Or basically any guy that is sweet and not an ass. 😉

    Again, fantastic post! 😀 I can totally see why you love love triangles. ;D

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    • Thank you!! Haha, I was just sitting there that afternoon so annoyed that I couldn’t find a good love triangle book! XD But I totally agree with you, they can be soooo good but also so bad, it’s so important for the heroine to be loveable. I often find it so hard to find a heroine I really like (I think I’m just too picky and okay maybe a little jealous hahaha). And omg, I totally always route for the underdog too, but I normally prefer the bad boy! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by Aimee! 😀

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